Man oh Man! This record is doing great! Already into reorders and interview requests out the ying-yang!

“Ladies Auxiliary” is out and available, and the band I’ve toured with since October is *hot* and there are only a few more shows left for fall. Then, after the Down Home shows in December, I’ll head back to the farm for the daily feedings and roundups…and that’s just my parents; the cattle will need attention as well until calving in the spring. 

And then we wait and see. I’ll do a few shows in January and February, and by March we should know if this record has any legs. Who knows? Could be a busy spring and summer with shows and festivals. Or not. I grew up with Depression Era parents so I always plan for “or not”. 

My dad’s health took a turn this fall, and going out and beating the roads night after night is not really an option for me anymore. I loved it. I might even say I was made for it. But I might be wrong. Plus there are younger/hipper acts vying for those same stages, so its gotten crowded out there. 

I will say this, we hired a top notch publicist and radio promo folks (thanks to all y’alls’ pledges) and they are rocking, along with the crew at F.AY. Recordings. And the reviews seem positive. So who knows? I might end up with a record to tour on for a while. I hope so anyway. Or not. 

So catch one of these last shows. Share the posts, tweets and music with your friends. And get along, everybody, get along. 

Dec. 2 – Evening Muse – Charlotte, NC  / Tickets:

Dec. 7 / 8 / 9 – Down Home – Johnson City, TN  – Tickets:


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