We’ve been hinting about it for months and If you’ve been to a live show recently, you’ve noticed some new songs on Scott’s set list.  These are all on his next release, “Ladies Auxiliary”, set for release on November 3rd.  But, you don’t have to wait that long if you join our Pledge Music campaign launching today.   You can also have a crack at exclusive premiums and experiences. You can read all about it at this link:


We won’t lie, we can’t do it without you and now here is a note from Scott telling you why.

I was going to call this record “Thalia & Melpomene” after the two Greek muses (think of the happy/sad theatre mask faces) since these songs are a mixture of comedy and tragedy, but my manager said, “Okay. Call your record THAT and I quit!”.  I like to think I make music for smart people but that also makes it hard to market…there’s so few of us…but I have always loved the Greek/ Roman Mythology because its some sexy, tragic and passionate stuff…much like myself. 

Since my touring band the last few years has been all women (Bryn Davies on bass with Rayna Gellert on fiddle) AND since it was produced by none other than Australian guitarist Anne McCue who brought even more ladies on board ( Jeanne Richardson and Jen Gunderman), “Ladies Auxiliary” seemed like a natural fit for a title. This is a light hearted and sad ( at times) little record. I thought we could all use a musical break about now from how this world is going. So hope you enjoy. 

I also hope you’ll peruse the other fundraising options we’ve come up with and help out. I can write the songs. I can sing the songs. I can record the songs. I can even have faith that if my songs are good enough they will be heard—but let’s stop right there for a moment:  This record won’t be heard until someone hears it. And for someone to hear it, someone has to play it for them, or write about it, or tell them they NEED to hear it. And that’s where publicity and radio promotion come in to “play”. And that, dear reader, is why I need your help. Like I said, there’s not enough of us.

But I’m not pushing. I wasn’t raised that way. So if you just pre-order you’ll be helping out the cause and I will be forever grateful. 

Take care of yourself and your neighbor.




Scott returns to the land of his people for what he hopes will become an annual Fourth of July event.  On July 1, the “Highland County Boy” will be joined by Shenandoah Valley neighbors and songsmiths extraordinaire; Robin and Linda Williams (A Prairie Home Companion) and Trent Wagler of the Steel Wheels fame to swap songs and stories on the stage of the beautifully renovated Historic Masonic Theater.  Scott, Robin and Linda have been working on songs together with one, “10 Miles Down the 9 Mile Road”, taking a star turn on Ladies Auxiliary and some of the others sure to show up on the next Robin and Linda release.   Scott has forged his friendship with Trent over the course of several appearances at The Steel Wheels Red Wing Roots festival held in Mt Solon, VA.

If you are looking for a Fourth of July escape, the cool and beautiful southern Virginia Mountains, is your ticket.

Saturday, July 1 – Clifton Forge, VA – Historic Masonic Theater.  Songwriters at the Forge with Trent Wagler and Robin and Linda Williams.


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