A Cautionary Tale from Perceptive Songwriter Scott Miller: Be Wary of The People Who Rule

Intuitive songwriter Scott Miller has a knack for tackling historical events and characters and it’s these songs that set him apart. Friday, May 27th, Miller releases the single, ‘The People Rule’, a perfect song for this time of political upheaval. It’s a cautionary tale about the corrosive nature of politics, power and human habit. What begins as a light-hearted commentary, complete with kazoos, by the end leaves the listener questioning whether the human race is doomed to repeat its history of abusing authority.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m buying canned goods”, declares Miller about the 2016 presidential race.

The song, originally recorded during the 2008 election cycle, was part of a demo project to raise funds for “For Crying Out Loud”, the first recording on Miller’s own label, F.A.Y. Recordings. The song didn’t make it onto the finished project, but the current presidential election climate seems like the perfect time for Scott to share his admonition of the people who rule. https://soundcloud.com/a-scott-miller/the-people-rule-wav/s-mr00z

Miller, a proud son of Virginia, doesn’t fit the mold of a preachy folksinger, but he has found a way to bring the American experience to life. In addition to his songs of love and the human condition, his catalog is peppered with songs about the Civil War (“Dear Sarah”, “Highland County Boy”, “The Rain”), World War II (“The Red Ball Express”) Sam Houston (“Say Ho”) and urban sprawl (“Amtrak Crescent”).

The last two years have seen big changes for Miller who moved home to take over the family cattle farm and establish a new touring base from his hometown of Staunton, VA. During this time of transition and scaled down touring, Miller teamed up with old-time fiddle maven Rayna Gellert adding another sonic layer to Miller’s newest cd, the Doug Lancio-produced Big Big World,  F.A.Y. Recordings. He’s currently in the studio working on a new release for later this year.

The People Rule video includes an appearance with special guest Mic Harrison.  Enjoy and remember “The People Rule!”

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