Hello friends!

I’m not saying my career is dying by neglect, cuz I think about it every day…but with the farm and elderly parents to care for, I’m not out and about as much as I ( or my management) would like.  I’m okay with it for the most part, although it is hard sometimes when I see a festival and think to myself “Man, I wish I was playing that!”

So here is where you can help: When there is an event that I dearly want to play, and I’ll post it on Facebook.  If you are going to it, you can purchase a “Why ain’t SCOTT MILLER here?” shirt fromTheScottMiller.com, wear it, post a picture of you or a loved one in said shirt on Facebook, and I’ll send your shirt money back.

I’m not gonna list a bunch of rules, you’ll be on your honor and one time per customer, please.

This keeps you checking The Scott Miller Facebook page, keeps my name out there, and gives me a silent smirk while I work on the farm and everyone else is making music. How Scots-Irish is THAT?

Not touring much, but here are the dates as we know them now.

Best to you and those that matter (you know who they are!)



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